Current projects

The Therapy – Short Film

This short film was made in only three days, as a solo project. It was a challenge for myself to write, direct, shoot, act and edit the film in such a short time. The film was submitted to several international film festivals.
It got selected by the International Shorts, an Australian Film Festival, a Russian Film Festival and the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, in Los Angeles.

To see more info about the film and the video : Film-making

The Blade Tears

Eli Juniper - Blade Tears

The Blade Tears’ is a novel focusing on a mother-daughter relationship, dealing with subjects such as mental illness, grief and how to cope with trauma. It is mainly written in prose and showcases a number of poems.
This book is currently being translated from French to English.

The Line Behind the Border

Eli Juniper - The Line Behind the Border

The Line Behind The Border is a feature film screenplay project.

In a dystopian society, where the Health Department of the Government makes a eugenicist determination between “Healthy” and “Sick” citizens.
This project aims to tell a story through the perspective of two characters, David and Samantha.

Come In

> ‘Come In’ (or “Veuillez Entrer” in French) is a short-film project that I was working on for quite some time. Although, it has been postponed due to a lack of funding, because it is ambitious in terms of human resources, equipment, and locations.

Moira finds herself in a closed room, filled with shattered pieces of mirror, strange shadowy figures through the walls and a Cube, resting on a pedestal in the middle of the room. The Cube says “Come In” and asks her name. From this moment, Moira will have to find a way out of this nightmarish setting.


Eli Juniper - Petrichor

Petrichor‘ is a ScienceFiction Novel in the conceptualizing stages.

> Set in a world of parallel dimensions, the plot revolves around a character without name, age, or parents. One might then wonder : What is the connection between this unknown character and Lizbeth, who is dealing with the disappearance of her son, on Earth in the year 2020 and Elany, a young priestess who finds herself hearing the voice of the aforementioned unknown character.