Since she was old enough to read and write, Eli has been interested in stories and how to tell them.

She started to write in earnest at the age of 12, and through her education, she discovered cinema (both French and foreign). At 13, she started to be involved in the theater, which allowed her to express herself more and more.

Eli then started to keep a blog at 15, in which she wrote short poetic texts, touching on subjects as existence, death, drugs, and autism…

In 2010, at the age of 17, she began to study psychology and the treatment of mental illnesses, and wrote a book in French entitled ‘Les Larmes de Rasoir’ (which is currently being translated into English and when published, will be her debut novel ‘The Blade Tears’).

Soon after this Eli enrolled at the MJM Graphic Design school, specializing in editing. This is also the moment she started to write screenplays and to make films. She soon got to work on her first short-film ‘Un Autre Noël Absent’, co-written with Noah Lenoir, which won several awards.

In 2016, she wrote and directed her second short : ‘Only the Stars Remain’ (‘Il ne restera que les étoiles’), which went on to receive several awards from US festivals, and was screened in New York, where Eli gave a Q&A session after the projection.

Eli is currently traveling between places inside of France, where she draws from these new found cities and towns the inspiration to work on the translation of her debut novel, and several film and musical projects.

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