The Therapy

‘The Therapy’ is an experimental short film on the subject of how a young woman perceives the world and its problems. It appears to be a conversation between different inner voices.

The film is currently under review by several international film festivals and will have its debut this year.
It recently got selected by the International Shorts, an Australian Film Festival.

Music video for ‘Sign Me Out’ by Lulu Rouge

Shot spontaneously, entirely by hand, and in a span of only a couple of hours, this film aims to convey a sense of claustrophobia and repetition, matching the message of the lyrics.

Only The Stars Remain (original title ‘ll ne restera que les étoiles’)

Set against a backdrop of a mystifying epidemic that is wiping out humanity, Elena is struggling with an alcoholic mother, and difficult relationships, when she is approached by a mysterious young man. Together, they explore the themes of identity, death, and the purpose of life as human beings.

Another Christmas Gone (Original Title : Un autre noël absent)

Very first short film made, winner of the Accolade Global Film Competition. Max is a withdrawn young man, seemingly having a hard time dealing with the Holidays. He then receives a package that will ultimately unsettle him.

The Pill (Short Psychological Film)

This short is mostly about the trap of medications, the automatic prescription of them and the psychological effect on people taking them (including myself).

The full filmography is available in the YouTube gallery below

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